some of the my favorite shoot:

all my favorite shot of each wedding is here

Eric & Tiffany pre wedding shoot @ PERTH, Australia


2007-12-26 Tim & Margaret Wedding @ Gold Coast Hotel Hong Kong



Chingeh & YuenTze Pre wedding shoot @ Pulau Pangkor Laut Resort

Sook Tien & Howard Wedding @ San Francisco! 2007-06-24



Kian Boon & Siew Yean Wedding at Klang

their full web gallery is here

Elvis & Helen’s pre wedding at Kota Kinabalu

Edwin & Rachel Wedding day
20061230_slide_073.jpg their full web gallery is here

favourite family portrait shoot

my family photo

my USA trip

my kid fun pix

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40 responses to “favorite”

11 05 2007
monica (22:31:59) :

i love your photos very much, there are natural.
i’m seeking a wedding photographer which available at Kuching.
i wish can get some advice from you.

Best regards,

12 05 2007
robinng (08:41:34) :

hi Monica,

Thanks for the message!
i have sent you an email!


16 05 2007
wawa (18:11:59) :

hi robin,
i’m seeking for wedding photografer for my coming weeding at taiping.
so i need your advise and also want to know the cost.
your picture looks so beautiful & natural…

thanks & regards,

16 05 2007
robinng (19:34:51) :

hi WAWA,

Thanks for the inquiry i have sent you an email about my package.
look forward to hear from you soon!


4 06 2007
Elise (11:26:52) :

Hi Robin,

I have been surfing the internet for wedding photographers etc. for my wedding next year. Amongst all, I like your work the best. I would like to get your quotation and types of services.

Look forward to receiving your info.


10 06 2007
Christine (14:51:47) :

Hi Robin,

My friend introduces this website to me, I love your shooting, it is natural. I am looking for the photographer for my wedding day. Can you please send me your packages?


9 07 2007
Evelyn (11:27:08) :

Hi Robin,

I have been surfing the internet for wedding Pic & Childhood Slide for my wedding on 22-09-07. I would like to get your quotation and types of services.


27 07 2007
SHIRLEY (20:00:02) :


I am looking for the photographer for my wedding day at Ipoh. Kindly to advise me the price and list of packages that you have. It would appreciate if you have prompt reply.
Looking forward to hear from you soon, Robin.
Thank You!

Best Regards,

27 07 2007
robinng (20:41:31) :

hi Shirley,

Thanks for the inquiry.
check you email for detail.
thanks ya!


19 08 2007
Jade (17:29:39) :

Dear Robin,
l ike the way you take the photoes. I like your concept,they look beautiful and natural. I feel touching when i look at them. Now I’m look for a photograher on my “registration day” ( Probably on 17 Nov 2007 ) and my wedding day in Taiping next year. May I know your quatation?
Looking forward to hear from you soon, Robin.


19 08 2007
robinng (21:36:44) :

hi Jade,

thanks for dropping by.
i’m booked on 17 nov 2007.
sorry for unable to help you!


26 08 2007
Emily (00:39:45) :

Hi Robin,
I am ROM on 12 september 2007 and plan to have wedding dinner n Chinese traditional wedding ceremony next year in singapore n malaysia.Can u send me the quatation for the package.Thanks

31 08 2007
Cassantra (10:15:48) :

Hi Robin,

My friend was introduce you to me, then i have saw your website.I like your favourite shoot so much.
Can you send me the qoutation for wedding day(full day)?My wedding day is on 10th May 2008


4 09 2007
MeiKuan (14:29:39) :

Hi Robin,

I get to know your website by one of my fren weds picture was here. I really like your photo shooting! It was really good! Eventhough I’ve married but I wish I have your price list of all your services, so that I can introduce to my frenz.

Thank you!

4 09 2007
robinng (14:49:01) :

Hi Mei Kuan,

Thanks for visiting my blog.
really appreciate your help to promote my service!
i will email you my rate.
keep in touch my friend!


14 09 2007
Malco (12:00:33) :

Hi Robin,

I get ur website from my friend and my relative’s is going to marry at next year, i hope that i can have your pricelist of all your services…please…

Thanks ~

20 09 2007
Gracia (21:14:19) :

Hi Robin,

God’s given you an amazing gift with that camera - we’re pretty keen to have you on board at our wedding next year in KK - I’ll email you details of the big day & if you could get back to us that’d be great…cheers!

21 09 2007
Jessie (10:30:56) :

I get to know your website surfing online. I really like your photo shooting! It was really good! I wish I have your price list of all your services, so that I can introduce to my frenz.

21 09 2007
Jessie (10:31:41) :


21 09 2007
robinng (10:39:39) :

hi Gracia, email sent…..look forward to hear from you soon!
hi Jessie, thanks for the help…..and email sent too!

4 01 2008
SnoWy* (12:08:25) :

Hie Robin,

Really impress by your portfolio…
Looking for a photographer for my Wedding day in Sban.

Can forward me the pricing & list of packages that you provide.
Thanks looking forward to your reply!

4 01 2008
robinng (12:44:11) :

hi Snowy,

Thanks for dropping by, will reply you by email later!


8 01 2008
SnoWy* (16:06:38) :

Got it! Thanks…
Replying you mail too… :)

23 01 2008
Joyce (15:16:16) :

Dear Robin,

Really love your passion touch for the wedding photographs. Pls email me your package as i am looking for a photographer for my wedding day.

Regards, Joyce

30 01 2008
June (12:45:17) :

Hi Robin,

I already addicted to your porfolio…really impress with it!!

Please email me your package rates for ROM + AD…my AD is on Dec 08.

Appreciate it!

15 02 2008
Joanne Teo (23:19:26) :


Pls email me your package as i am looking for a photographer for my wedding day.


21 02 2008
hen (01:23:28) :

thanks for leave me a message, i just come to vising your site, wow~ glad to know another pro photographer like you in Malaysia, keep up your good work, and keep in touch, cheers~

28 02 2008
kelly (16:57:07) :

hi robin,

17 03 2008
Tracy (16:56:43) :

Hi Robin,

Luv yr work. I’m looking for a photographer for my church wedding and dinner reception, can you send me your quotation? U know where i can find someone to shoot video as well? Btw, date is not confirmed yet but it’s in Kuching. Thanks.


22 03 2008
Uma (10:04:06) :

I’m looking forward to take studio photo after my wedding. Kindly to advise me the price and list of packages that you have. It would appreciate your prompt reply.

26 03 2008
Elly (17:29:08) :

Hi Robin,

i am looking forward for my wedding photography..
Kindly please advice on you package..
my location is Kuantan, Pahang.

28 03 2008
Li Ting (00:01:31) :

Hi Robin,

My friend was one of your client and she strongly recommends you to me.I have seen your website.I like your shoot very muchI
Can you send me the quotation for wedding day(only half day not included banquet)My wedding day is on 27Dec 2008 in Taiping.

Li Ting

10 04 2008
Payal (12:55:16) :

Hello Robin

I am simply thrilled to see your pictures. You are just SUPERB. I am recently back from my visit to Malaysia and now I am so sad that I had not seeen your website earlier else I would have definitely arranged for a shoot with you.

I promise that as soon as I am back in Malaysia next time, I would get in touch with you to capture me and my family.

U r really wonderful! Great Job


14 04 2008
Danny Tan (12:46:28) :

Hi Robin

I help put your link in my blog as well !

Yours truly,

Danny Tan

15 04 2008
Aln Tee (16:51:52) :

Hi Robin,

Im looking for a photographer for my coming wedding… would you like to give me a quote for a package.. more info reply to my email.

Your quality impressed me!!

Alan Tee

17 04 2008
Mavis (12:49:56) :

Hi Robbin, love your photos! Beautiful and natural.

I am currently looking for photographer for my ROM (on 31May) @ Thean Hou Temple and wedding day (date TBC, but most probably May 2009). Can you pls give me your quotation for the following events:
1) ROM
2) wedding - 1 morning & I dinner
3) wedding - 1 morning & 2 dinners (fyi, I maybe will have my “chu men” in selangor and hubby’s hometown is in taiping)

Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

30 04 2008
Mei (11:42:17) :

Hi Robin,
I love the natural way you take your photos, its so rare in KL to see natural settings. I’m planning for a Mar ‘09 wedding… it will be Christian wedding + dinner; would like to have photos taken on the day instead of any ’staged’ or ‘posed’ photos. Hope you could send me your quotations.
And your final product would include the nice wedding albums? or just the pictures?
Hope to hear from you soon.

30 04 2008
robinng (11:45:27) :

Hi Mei, Thanks for comment! i will email you soon. check it out.

1 05 2008
ahhingvg (14:35:20) :

u have too experiences on wedding shoot …. i like it …

26 03 2009
Red Hill Merlot 2006 « vandort photography (14:12:22) :

[…] THE PHOTO. First off, lovely backgrounds are available at many online stock protography for about RM7 to RM35. This is the ideal way to get any backdrop.; they’re mostly royalty free, large and sharp. I don’t shoot many landscape pictures so if I need one, I’ll buy it. But if you’re doing loads of fun, ‘free time’ work like me here’s an idea - take a nice backdrop, crop it, add a filter, and lens blur it outta wack (not necessarily in that order). The image above was produced in just that manner. I’d like to make it clear that I hate lens flares. I hate both natural flares and specifically that over-used cookie-cutter lens flare effect in Photoshop. It’s being put everywhere, from indoor shots to even the header image for the Photographic Community in Malaysia’s Clubs and Societies Page. But, it can be used to good effect, you just need to know how. Most importantly, make it realistic. Limit artistic flares to outdoor backdrops; generally, no one wants to see indoor flares (an exception maybe for romantic balcony shots). Here’s an authentic flare example used to good effect by Robin Ng, a local and professional wedding photographer. The bottle was accurately back-lighted for the purpose of this little project. Matt cards and a fill light helped define the edges. Posted by vandort Filed in wine […]