Day 0ne in Melbourne!

25 08 2008

I have a walk around the city yesterday afternoon. What a awesome city….love it!




later i will be one my way to the workshop…..will share more soon!
last night temperature about 3°C when i sleep……wow that really cold for me…..



10 responses to “Day 0ne in Melbourne!”

25 08 2008
kanghong (08:42:59) :

Enjoy your trip there~

25 08 2008
joshua K (10:23:51) :

Cool !

25 08 2008
Selma Wong (16:42:17) :

Hi Robin,

You are in Melbourne, enjoy the trip….yes, it’s pretty cold in Melbourne now….

Regards, Selma

25 08 2008
joanne (18:54:29) :

Waa…I really love the awesome and majestic architecture of Melbourne! Hope you enjoy your workshop to the fullest! :)

25 08 2008
davidng (23:37:17) :

I like the graffiti street…!

26 08 2008
Penny Ling (05:34:48) :

Hi, I am Penny, Wish you have fun in Melbourne~~~
Now is nearly the end of Winter, sure is very cold~~
Mind i know this week which day are you free?

27 08 2008
Jerry (00:40:59) :

i miss melb..
you have fantastic photo collections!

27 08 2008
Gerry Kong (02:09:51) :

dear Robin, do take care yourself. its quite cold at that side as my friend always complain to me.
if u are free, maybe u can pay him a visit anytime.
his name is flanegan. he is studying photography in one of the university there.

27 08 2008
Shen (09:21:21) :

cant wait to hear from your workshop sharing/ testimony!

30 08 2008
Agnes (08:21:43) :

Hey Robin,

I had an amazing time exploring Melbourne with you guys. . . LOVE the graffiti wall. . . wouldn’t have known about it if not for you. Your work is inspiring and just genius. Its been a great pleasure and honor to have met you. I look forward to our paths crossing in the future.

Let’s keep in touch!