Airasia unveil new route….MELBOURNE - updated

21 08 2008

Did a check just now. if you manage to get the RM99 fare, total cost is about RM1000+ include fuel+tax…..that is really cheap! I pay RM3k for singapore airline to MELBOURNE…..good next trip can bring my family with me LOL!
check out today!

in case you don’t know i will there in 3 days time….for Jerry Ghionis wedding photography workshop! wow i am very exciting now……

My schedule in Melbourne:
25 to 29 Aug 2008: attending workshop, bourke street, dockland
30 aug to 03 sept 2008: can be anywhere haha…..great ocean, Mt. buller….etc!

you can reach me thru sms: +60126623257, or email me: Once i got internet connection i will reply your email!



7 responses to “Airasia unveil new route….MELBOURNE - updated”

21 08 2008
Wiki (10:24:21) :

hey come to sydney too… we’ll meet up :D
do you know when your stay are. I could also be in melbourne too ?

Btw, If we can meet up in Oz, I think we should meet up in Malay. I’ll come to KL on 25-26 December, :D

21 08 2008
robinng (10:34:47) :

hi Wiki, great to hear from you….that will be great if i got chance to meet up with you. i will near dockland from 25 to 29 aug 2008, other day can be anywhere….great ocean, mt. buller etc haha! we will keep in touch in email then!

21 08 2008
Kenneth Tan (18:08:41) :

Have a nice trip!

21 08 2008
andrew (22:29:20) :

hey that’s pretty cool, at least airasia is living up to its promise of low fares!

22 08 2008
Gerry Kong (21:34:49) :

have a nice trip there..

23 08 2008
davidng (11:24:17) :

happy holiday bro!!

24 08 2008
edwin Tan (22:23:37) :

Jerry’s workshop? WOW!!!!!!!!! safe trip and have fun